WOD 13.12.2018


A. Weightlifting

Every 30“ for 10‘:
1 Snatch @60-70%

HIGH QUALITY LIFTS!! Use the same weight for all your lifts


4 Rounds for Reps/Cal:
60“ Bike/Row for Cal
30“ Power Snatches

3’ Rest

try to go hard on the Bike/Rower and go to you barbell immediately, the weight should be moderately light! Go hard for 1:30, you have a 1:2 work to rest ratio!

L1: 20/15kg
L2: 40/25kg
RXD: 50/35kg


A. Core

3 Rounds of 40“on/20“off:
Side Plank Rotations R
Plank Hold
Side Plank Rotations L
Hollow Hold
Russian Twists
1‘ Rest


12‘ AMRAP:
50 Box Jumps
40 Wallballs
30 KB Swings
20 Lunges
10 Burpees

L1: 6/4kg WB; 16/12kg
L2/RXD: 24/16kg

Lukas Peicha